Hands-On Workshop on Stream-Groundwater Techniques Completed

Flyer for our workshop that was circulated widely at the Fall Meeting of the AGU in 2011.

From 12-15 June, we held a workshop to demonstrate several different techniques used currently to quantify stream-groundwater interactions.  We had over 30 attendees, mostly graduate students.  Day 1 was focused on theory behind the techniques, Day 2 was a full field day in which we conducted a stream tracer experiment on Shavers Creek, in central PA; Day 3 was a data and sample analysis day; and Day 4 was devoted to data interpretation.  The group was enthusiastic and dedicated to the workshop.  Drs. Kamini Singha and Michael Gooseff developed this idea and organized much of it, and we had significant and terrific support from co-instructors: Dr. Roy Haggerty, Dr. Adam Ward, Dr. Judson Harvey, Dr. Olaf Cirpka, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Dr. Christine Hatch.  Most importantly, we had extensive and essential assistance from Kayla Berry and Jennifer Arrigio from CUAHSI.  The workshop was financially supported by a NSF grant to Drs. Singha and Gooseff as part of their outreach efforts, and by CUAHSI.

We will soon have posted online video clips of the presentations and other materials from the workshop.  Check back for updates!

All of the workshop participants and instructors at our field site at the end of day 2.


About mgooseff

Associate professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Penn State University.
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