Field Technique – installing water level loggers in shallow wells

After well has been established and cleared, one may choose to install a water level logger to record changes in water levels within the wells.  Here I describe a method for doing this that avoids several common issues and problems that are often associated with deploying loggers in wells.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  The site used below for the pictures that go along with this explanation is in Arctic Alaska with wells that are fully slotted through their length (even above ground surface).  NOTE that the rims of wells are not always flat and horizontal to the ground (the ground is not always uniform around a well for that matter).  Hence, we make a small black mark with a sharpie marker on the top of the well that is our reference point for measurements inside and outside of the well.  This should work fine as long as your well is not free to rotate at all.


About mgooseff

Associate professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Penn State University.
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